At hagedornhagen we have a passion for creeps and tiny winged creatures. Black and white portrait of photograpers, Mads Hagedorn-Olsen and Anders Morell.
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A tribute to photography

Our partnership began with morganmorell, our advertising photography business. For more than ten years we worked in this field and received many prestigious prizes and diplomas. 

But something was missing. We both longed to express ourselves artistically and to work with photography as an artform unbound by commercial demands and interests. In other words, we needed a playground. A place where we could work with themes and ideas that we’d never get to shoot for adverts or TVCs.

In 2007, we founded Hagedornhagen alongside morganmorell, and we haven’t looked back. We soon learned that our distinctly Scandinavian style merges perfectly with modern homes all over the world – from Denmark to Japan, from New York to Kiruna.

The Hagedornhagen trademark is controlled photography with an eye
for detail and an uncompromising approach to design and quality.
Our mission is to make you stop and see the world – again. 
And to do so with craftsmanship and simplicity. 

/ Hagedornhagen Copenhagen