MMXV is a special edition photography. The motif is a modern photo interpretation of Baroque still life painting. We have worked with the traditional elements of Baroque art – flowers, soap bubbles, an extinguished candle and skulls, combined with our own motifs to tell the story of Hagedornhagen in a single snapshot. Its a story about a great passion for the art of making photographs that extends beyond the moment and continues to fascinate the eye. MMXV is made in ten exclusive originals, signed and numbered by Hagedornhagen. Dimensions:154,7*108 cm. Please write info@hagedornhagen.com for enquiries. The motif is also available as a beautiful limited edition poster. Size 70*50 cm. printed on Luxo Satin 200 g. 

We frame your poster if you order both poster and frames.

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